The last time I got to see Blink 182 perform was with my sister at the Don Haskins Center in 2016. Now the last time I enjoyed a live concert was over 273 days ago. The last concert I attended just before the Covid-19 got out of hand was KISS. The band KISS performed at the Don Haskins Center on Monday, March 9, 2020. The other day I was scrolling through my media gallery of concerts I have attended and had me missing those concert vibes. One of the many videos I recorded and came across in my gallery is one of my very favorites that was one of the greatest shows I have seen. The last time I got to see Blink 182 was years ago (2016) along with A Day to Remember, and The All-American Rejects. But years later in 2019 Blink 182 was supposed to make a return to El Paso but canceled. They had decided to cancel their show for Sunday, August 4, 2019, after the mass shooting that occurred at Walmart just the day before. Originally the show was supposed to be postponed for a later date but then slowly in time just became a canceled event.

That show was one of the greatest shows that had a lineup of bands I still enjoy listening to. Just like you, I was extremely excited about their show before they had decided to cancel. I remember I was given a pair of tickets that were good seats. In fact, besides the music, I was looking forward to something else about their show. Being a part of the crowd the confetti hits on their grand finale performance is my favorite part about their show. I started wondering when concerts become a thing again, will Blink 182 make up for their El Paso show they had canceled? I really hope they do come back to El Paso in the future once this pandemic is over. But Blink 182's final encore was the perfect pick to end our night.

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