I was driving on North Mesa near UTEP Thursday night and spotted a pretty awesome Ghostbusters truck (Ecto 4x4?). What made spotting the truck extra neat was that it was Ghostbusters Day — the day I had been eagerly looking forward to because of the anticipated release of the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie.

I'm somewhat new to town, so I'd never seen the truck, which apparently does appearances for Sun City SciFi:

Super cool. When I was younger, Ecto-1 was pretty much my dream car. (And I had the biggest crush on Harold Ramis if that tells you anything about me.) Sadly, I traded those dreams for a vehicle more practical at lugging around kids and groceries than fighting ghosts, but the folks at Sun City SciFi have given me renewed hope that one day I can trick out my family's SUV into its own version of Ecto-1.

El Paso Ghostbusters

If the trailer for the new movie (I'm excited for it) and the pics of El Paso's own Ecto-1 aren't enough to satisfy your Ghostbusters thirst, check out these pics from the Ghostbusters Fan Event at the Sony Lot in Culver City earlier this week:

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