First of all, did you know that El Paso has a Funeral Museum? As a spooky loving gal, I feel like I should have known this existed! Located at 6111 S. Desert Boulevard, the Funeral Museum is "inspired by Perches Funeral Homes to enlighten and educate the community on one of man’s oldest cultures and rituals and to celebrate the traditions of the funeral service industry."

While it sounds a bit macabre, it also sounds real intriguing. The museum has the same things as other museums do, exhibits, altars and memorabilia and a gift shop. The museum also hosts many events.

Because of the pandemic, the museum has been closed to the public for quite some time now- and hasn't been able to host their usual events. But now, the El Paso Funeral Museum is getting ready to open up to the community again and they're doing so with a really cool Hearse & Classic Car Show!

El Paso Funeral Museum
El Paso Funeral Museum
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Presented by the El Paso Funeral Museum and Royal Calaveritas, celebrate Father's Day with the Funeral Museum's second annual Hearse and Classic Car Show on Sunday, June 20th from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

The event is free and family friendly and will feature local artists and vendors, car show prizes, free museum tour, DJ, and food trucks.

Royal Calaveritas is the group behind many of the events at the Funeral Museum. Past events at the museum include poetry readings with tributes to artists and poets like Edgar Allan Poe.

To find out more about this awesome event, check out the event page here. Also, check out some of the cool cars that have been featured at the Hearse & Classic Car Show below!

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