A documentary about former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is in the works and an El Paso filmmaker is behind it.

Chris Hanna, with ZGN productions, explained to the El Paso Herald Post why he wants to make the documentary:

“I’ve always wanted to tell a story regarding one of probably my most favorite sport in the world,” said Chris. “You know, growing up a Dallas Cowboys fan with my family at 11 years old, I didn’t get to live the Troy Aikman era and the Roger Staubach era. All I knew was the Tony Romo era because I was living it. So, watching Tony Romo grind and fight, fail and succeed and get back up, come back down and get back up. It was inspiring seeing that no matter how much bad or how much negative was around Tony Romo, all Tony Romo knew was to get back up and keep on fighting.”

Hanna and his partners could use some help finishing the film though. They are looking for donations to help see their project through so, if you'd like to donate, click here!


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