ShadowMinds is a new, original series filmed right here in El Paso. Check out a trailer for the new show here!

ShadowMinds is directed and written by El Paso filmmaker Myka Puentes. According to the shows Facebook page, "Shadow Minds is an Original Tv Series from the mind of Myka Puentes! It follows the life of Kyle a University Professor Obsessed with Astral Projection!"

Here's the plot:

Kyle Cayce a College Professor and descendant of Edgar Cayce Accidentally astral projected when he was a child, ever since he seeked answers about his experience, well last night he astral projected again at the age of 33. Unfortunately the answers to the questions were not what he wanted to hear, Specifically that there is a Government organization of enhanced humans that are now hunting him because of his ability.

ShadowMinds is filmed here in El Paso and features several El Pasoans including Jerry Walker.  Visit the shows Facebook page for more info and don't forget to "Like" it!!

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