An ex-Priest finally started his trial for his bad behavior of sexually assaulting minors. El Paso ex-Priest Miguel Luna's trial began Tuesday earlier this week. Miguel Luna was a Priest at Corpus Christi Church located on North Loop during the 90s. During that time he had sexually assaulted an altar server for 10 years. It began when the young girl was 8 years old until she was 18.

The second victim took the stand telling her horrifying story in front of the man that caused her years of anxiety and depression. She stated Luna had sexually abused her during his time at the seminary in Alpine in the 80s. She also mentioned she was impregnated by Luna at 13 and had an abortion soon after. She couldn't say anything to anyone then because of his threats to her.

I know I may sound like a crazy person but people who do horrific things to minors should be taught a lesson. Just like in the movie Law Abiding Citizen is exactly what I would do if someone harmed my family. Hopefully, Miguel Luna gets the worst sentence for what he has done and caused for these young girls.

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