When you're looking for a place to skate in El Paso, places like Mountain View, the Green Bowl, or Carolina Skatepark (a place that was given a ton of praise by Tony Hawk) are popular spots. But back in the 70s, there wasn't any place to go...until 1977. Old school locals will remember the very first skatepark that opened in El Paso that was "a whole new world to ride in!". Of course I'm talking about the Earth Surf Skatepark.

Where was El Paso's Earth Surf

People who live in the Northeast will remember the old skating grounds that were located at 10366 Dyer. From the summer of 1977 (the park opened July 1st) to 1981, it was the ONLY place for people to skate in El Paso; it came with 3 snake runs, a slalom hill & a freestyle area. A YouTube user named channelzvideo uploaded a collection of home videos set to music of the Earth Surf park from back in the day so you can relive those memories.

And that's not the only video that shows footage of Earth Surf; elpasoskatepark even posted a story that premiered on KTSM back in 2002 in a segment called "Wild Wednesday". The video shows the late historian Leon Metz covering the park & interviewing people who used to skate at Earth Surf like Jaime Favela, Will Wautlet & the former manager for Earth Surf, Steve Crye.

So where is Earth Surf now? Gone...The lot that held Earth Surf is well... just a dirt lot now.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The park is gone but not forgotten, the Facebook group El Paso Skatepark Association also remembers the skatepark fondly, as evident from this post in 2020.

Thankfully trying to find a place to skate is not hard to find now (we have 11 in town), but never forget where these parks came from. We wouldn't have them today if it wasn't for a couple of skaters dreams back in the 70s. And for that, we owe Earth Surf our thanks.

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