People who only carry their debit card around sometimes experience a struggle at places that only accept cash. If you only carry around your debit card then you know about making an extra stop before Chico's Tacos.

The extra stop usually is at the bank or any ATM to get cash to pay for your order since they still don't accept cards. A member of a foodies group was curious about why Chico's Tacos does this.

I remember hearing my dad complain (on times he didn't have cash) during the drive to the restaurant. It still blows my mind that Chico's hasn't changed with the times.

Now I thought it would be fun to see what you would rather prefer from Chico's Tacos. So the big debate would be which service you would like to see changed at their food joints?

If Chico's Tacos were to leave a major decision up to you and everyone else in El Paso, what would you pick?

If they let you vote for what you would like between accepting a debit card or allowing delivery, which would win your vote?

I already know what my family and friends would vote for since they have always made the same remark for years now, but I am curious about what choice you would pick between the two options in the poll below.

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