We have seen a lot of beautiful murals scattered around our city that we can't help but admire every time we pass by. Well, there is a new mural in town that you can add to the list of murals that take your breath away. This particular mural is a damn good representation of what people associate our beautiful city with. We're a city that is known for a food joint you can drink tacos at that is connected to another country with so many beautiful sites. Some of those beautiful sites also include art murals that you can find all around El Paso at different locations. The newest mural that is worth visiting is painted on a building that can be spotted on the Eastside of town. You can take a quick cruise to see it for yourself at 12301 Rojas Building A Loop 10. That is actually a local trend you have come across on your social media lately. Urbanart915 features all sorts of art that are displayed all over El Paso.

When the chrome-like mural of balloons and letters popped up, people left and right visited to take some selfies with it. I consider the newest mural in El Paso selfie-worthy and something to talk about. The newest mural created by Ars-Gratia Chicago is located out East that features places and figures we have all associated El Paso with. You're probably thinking there are quite a few things we associate El Paso with. For example, Chico's Tacos, El Paso Strong, La Equis (The X), Amigo Man, Chico, and much more. Well, you will definitely see all those and more on the new mural that screams El Paso in an artistic way.

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