When you become a parent your mind plans future events involving your mini-me. I have always wanted Deftones to be my kid's first concert.

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Now clearly, my daughter has no clue who the band Deftones is at her age. But she is familiar with the music from hearing it in my car so much.

After waiting so long to see them since they originally announced their tour, that time finally came. Every parent fills with excitement over their kid's first concert.

Especially when it happens to be one of your ultimate favorite bands. First, all I got to say is make sure your kid's first concert is at Isleta Amphitheater.

I may prefer to see concerts in El Paso, Texas but sure do love the hospitality Isleta Amphitheater provides. Make sure your kid's first concert is at that venue simply for the perk.

Let me say this perk is something that your kid will have something to remember that moment forever. They give children a nifty certificate with a picture of the band on it.

via Ivan S.
via Ivan S.
Veronica G.
Veronica G.

I am definitely framing my daughter Isabella's certificate from Isleta Amphitheater. But this cool gesture had me wondering why don't they do this in El Paso?

Every kid enjoys a little something to remember a fun night that they experienced. For example, we all know about Disneyland's first-time visitors who get a special pin.

Now I seriously hope some concert venues in El Paso get on the ball and help El Paso kids feel special. So now my daughter Izzy has physical proof besides her ticket stub of her first Deftones concert.

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