On average, 79 people a day turn to the center for help and shelter.

The Center Against Sexual And Family Violence assists nearly 80 victims of assault everyday and, they are running out of room. El Paso Herald Post reports their center is over 57 years old and, basically, beyond hope.

It's too old to be remodeled so, a new shelter is needed and they're asking for help with that. They plan to build a new, larger, center increasing their rooms from 21 to 36 and creating "a space more conducive to healing and promoting healthy families."

According to the CASFV:

Last year, more than 4,000 survivors of domestic violence sought our help and of that, 25% lived in our emergency shelter. Survivors of domestic violence work to overcome many challenges, from healing the scars shaped by emotional abuse to becoming independent and overcoming homelessness.

If you would like to make a donation, click here. If you can offer any other sort of help, please click here, visit them on Facebook or call them at (915) 593 - 7300.

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