Texas has denied a Russian official's request to have his representatives hang out at voting sites and watch what happens.

El Paso Herald Post online says the Russian consul general in Houston, Alexander K. Zakharov, wants someone from his staff allowed to monitor the activity at voting sites. Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos declined, stating :

“Please note that only persons authorized by law may be inside of a polling location during voting. All other persons are not authorized and would be committing a class C misdemeanor crime by entering.” “We are unable to accommodate your request to visit a polling station.”

Two other states, Louisiana and Oklahoma, also denied Russian requests for polling site visits. (12 states prohibit or limit international election observers, see the list here.) Many feel that Russia is attempting to exert some influence in this particular election, including giving Wikileaks emails potentially damaging to the Clinton campaign.

Early voting has begun in El Paso. For voting locations, ballot questions or other info, click here.

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