Saturday's bike run is about education and it's not, by any means, a "bikes only" deal!

Saturday afternoon, the US Defenders and the Texas Coalition Of Clubs are holding a run and party beginning in the northeast at Sue Young Park on Diana. ( Across from the Trans Mountain EPCC campus.)

Everyone ... bike or no bike ... is welcome, beginning at 4pm.  Kickstands up (or car engines running, whatever!) at 5:15.  The end party will be at VFW Post 6388, located at 9170 Cananea, near Speaking Rock.

Bike run for Texas defenders and the Texas Moorcyce Rights Association Saturday in El paso Texas
Photo by Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images

Those groups, along with others like the TMRA and the TMRA2, are "watchdog groups" who's goals are to protect and strengthen the rights of bikers and biker related events and causes.

Some entities ... many "official" ... seek to weaken or dismantle groups like this; no matter their size, purpose or methods.  And what happens to one will surely, eventually, happen to others.

Perhaps even yours, which is why ALL are welcome Saturday!

Whatever organization or "cause" you may support, this gathering should be informative, enlightening and helpful to you.  For more info, click the above links or visit the Texas COC and El Paso Motorcycle Coalition facebook pages!

Bike run for biker rights Saturday in El Paso
Photo, US Defenders/EP Unit

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