Last night, we had the honor of previewing the concession food to be sold at Southwest University Park this season. After two hours of stuffing our faces, we can honestly say we're impressed!

First, let's talk hot dogs. There are four choices, Jumbo, The Chihua, Franklin, and Memphis Meets Mexico. All delicious, but the Memphis dog with pulled pork is the best. Oh, and did I mention it's wrapped in bacon. YES! Grab a few extra napkins because these dogs are piled high with toppings.

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The Chihua


Then, there's a plethora of burgers. Cheeseburger, Green Chili Burger, The Flamethrower, and the Heuvos Ranchero Burger. The winner: The Flamethrower - a half pound burger with ghost peppers, Jack cheese, deep friend jalepenos, and chipotle ranch. Not for the faint of heart. The green chili burger is a very close second. The chilis have a respectable amount of heat letting you know they're there. You'll want a beer with these two burgers.

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There are a handful of healthy options at the park, too, including healthy kids meals offered with milk and water. There are several salads, the Salpicon winning for best taste, and a hummus sampler. The fruit salad was delicious.

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If you're not in the mood for a burger or salad, there are four sandwich options, two cheesesteaks and two barbecue sandwiches. Clear category winner - Brisket sandwich, my personal favorite of the night. The brisket is tender, not fatty, and the sauce is perfectly sweet and tangy. Add a soft bun and it's heaven on a plate.

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The best category of the night was the Chef's Favorites. It's a hodgepodge of everything delicious that won't quite fit into any other category. You'll find nachos, alligator bites, and the very popular buffalo chicken waffle.

If you're looking for something fried, the alligator bites are awesome. If you've never had alligator, you might not notice a difference from chicken. It's an easy-to-eat, white meat without a lingering flavor. Definitely worth a try. The accompanying cornbread is light and fluffy and filled with corn and jalapeños.

The nachos are topped with perfectly cooked steak. It's a great alternative to the weird cheese-whizzy stuff of other stadiums.

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alligator bites
Buffalo chicken waffle with blue cheese crumbles
Border nachos

As if that wasn't enough, there's dessert. Specifically, the most incredible dessert nachos I've ever wanted to befriend for life. Thin, crispy, sweet chips are topped with shaved white and dark chocolate, caramel sauce and delicately melted milk chocolate. They. Are. AWESOME. Do not, I repeat, do not split these with anyone. You'll regret it.

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So why is the food so important? Well, this is El Paso. We're pretty much all about great food. It's even more incredible when you realize this is the food being served at concession stands! Move over, boring hotdogs and typical nachos. It's about to get serious.

You won't find these scrumptious concoctions at the restaurants. This level of deliciousness is the minimum level of greatness you'll experience eating at Southwest University Park. I can't even imagine what the restaurants are planning.

The El Paso Chihuahuas season opener is less than a week away in Tucson, but you'll be able to catch them in 31 days right here in your own backyard. If you haven't checked out their promotional schedule, see it here. You can enjoy Military Mondays, days where seniors and kids eat free, and fireworks. With tickets as cheap as $5, it's less expensive than a movie.

It's going to be great fun, great food, and remember, It's All Good, El Paso!