Local artists in the Borderland are excited to finally announce their work will be seen in the new DC superhero movie "Blue Beetle." When the new trailer for DC's "Blue Beetle" movie premiered, El Pasoans were upset to find out the superhero movie wouldn't take place in El Paso. In the comic book, the Blue Beetle is Jaime Reyes, a teenager living in El Paso, Texas with his mom, dad, and little sister. In the new movie trailer, we see Reyes lives in the fictitious beach location Palmera City. This news made people wonder if this means El Paso was going to be completely wiped out of the movie and we're happy to find out that's not the case.

Local art collective EsTYLOW JUNKTiON, announced yesterday that some of their creations have made their way into the DC superhero movie. We spoke to the artists, Alex Arriaga & Silver IsReal, and asked them about their contributions to the film, and how they felt being able to represent El Paso on the big screen.

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Last Spring, the production team for the movie was in El Paso and went to visit Old Sheepdog Brewery. At that time, the EsTYLOW JUNKTiON storefront was located above the brewery and they would frequently collaborate on projects together. As seen in the trailer, Old Sheepdog Brewery is seen in the movie as well.

The production team was sent merchandise but had "one very specific request" and they were told which actor would be wearing their designs. (Here's a hint- he'll be saying "HI!" to El Paso later this year) The artists couldn't tell us what items we would see the actor in, since it's up to the movie editors to decide the final cut but said the items were from their past clothing releases, in custom colors for the movie. The two artists said they are excited to be surprised when they go to see the movie in theaters. They also explained the production team was sent several different "props" to work with, and weren't sure just how many will make their way into the film. Silver explained, "we don't want to count our chickens yet."

When asked how they felt seeing their creations up on the big screen, they replied:
"Our last major exhibit as the collective that we are was in 2021. It was titled, 'A Life Worth Living.' Should the fruits of our labor actually make it on the big screen as planned, it will have been 'A Life Well Lived'... If that answers the question."
You can follow EsTYLOW JUNKTiON now on Instagram and shop their creations now on their website.

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