Pets can suffer from malnutrition too, even though they may have a loving and caring family.

Financial difficulties can arise suddenly due to job loss, sudden or unexpected expenses, etc. Some families are just not well off to begin with but, rich or poor, we love our pets. Rather than see families have to give up their furry loved ones or, even worse, turn them into an already crowded animal shelter; El Paso Animal Services has started a Pet Food Pantry.

Similar to the human food pantries, families meeting the requirements can come to the "pet" food pantry to get food for their animals.

The Pet Commissary is one of the many ways Animal Services’ Pet Retention Program assists pet owners. The program provides resources and educates the community in an effort to keep pets in their home rather than having owners relinquish them to the shelter. - EP Animal Services

If you would like to donate items to the pet food pantry, please take them to the Animal Services Center ... 5001 Fred Wilson ... between 11am and 6pm, Monday - Sunday.