My wife and I head to Austin every couple of months and last year was difficult because the direct flights to Austin from El Paso had been cut down drastically. Actually the flights to Austin in general had been cut down. Southwest has been adding more flights over the past few months and even gone back to having some direct flights as well.

Yesterday, American Airlines announced that they would be adding more direct flights to Austin coming up in September. They'll be increasing the amount of direct flights as well. In September there will be one direct flight a day. By October that will increase to two a day, and then by November it'll be up to three direct flights a day.

According to the report HERE, they're saying that Southwest hasn't gone back to direct flights to Austin from El Paso, but I know that's not completely try. My wife and I were looking at flights in August when we'll be heading to Austin and there is a nonstop flight available. This might be a one-off but there is one available.

El Paso International Airport has been releasing some numbers as well when it comes to the amount of travelers. Of course one year ago things were pretty grim for the airline industry because of COVID-19, but things are really starting to look up. Using numbers from April of 2020 and April of 2021, the passenger traffic numbers are up a whopping 600%. The numbers were incredibly low just one year ago however, so take that number with a grain of salt.

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