September 11, 2001 is a date that America will never forget. It's a date that has affected every American & it still affects us over 20 years later. Many brave heroes gave their lives to save people who needed help. To remember those fallen heroes, El Paso will be hosting the 9/11 Heroes Run to remember the lives that were lost on that fateful day.


When & where is the El Paso 9/11 Heroes Run

The 9/11 Heroes Run is held by the Travis Manion Foundation; a foundation whose goal is to honor all of the heroes of September 11th: veterans, military personal, civilians & first responders.

This year it will take place on Saturday, September 9th at Veterans Park in Northeast El Paso.

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Google Maps

According to their official website, the Heroes Run will be a 3 lap (5k run) around the park with the starting/finish line at the corner of Wadsworth Ave & Rushing Rd. The race will start at 9am.

Everyone is welcome; whether you're a runner or a walker. Pets & baby strollers are also welcome. If you DO bring a dog on a leash or children, remember to clean up after them & don't interfere with other runners.

El Paso HAS had a 9/11 Heroes Run in the past; back in 2020. Watching the video, it looked to have a good turnout that year as well. Other Texas cities have held their own 9/11 Heroes Run events including Houston & Marshall.

We salute & remember all the brave souls who tragically lost their lives on that fateful day back in 2011. R.I.P. to the victims of 9/11

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