Residents who are 21 and over that live way out East near Eastlake and Horizon City are rejoicing. Far Eastside residents don't have to waste gas anymore just to score a good deal on alcohol. On Monday, March 22, The Eastlake Marketplace announced some major news that had Eastside residents lit.

If you live near Eastlake or in Horizon City then you can certainly pop open the bubbly about a Spec's coming near you. So say goodbye to those long drives you've had to make to your local Spec's whether it was the Westside, Central, and Zaragoza's location. The nearest Spec's for Eastlake and Horizon City residents would be the 2036 N. Zaragoza Rd. location.

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Even then it is quite a drive for those who live in Horizon City. The Eastlake Marketplace shared the good news and lots shared their excitement. I can totally relate to how Eastside residents feel about getting an alcohol shop close by.

Except for me, I wish a Furr's Buffet restaurant would open another location either in Central or the Westside. But that's beside the point luckily far Eastsiders won't have to travel very far to get a good deal on some booze. It sure is nice to see that part of the town growing exceptionally fast and adding new attractions and shops.

Before you know it you will be shopping for your 5 o'clock needs in no time without using your mileage. Hopefully, within time Eastlake Marketplace will also announce a Starbucks coming soon too. But this topic has me curious if far Eastside residents prefer a Spec's or a Starbucks at Eastlake Marketplace. Place your vote on whether you would rather have a Spec's or Starbucks at Eastlake Marketplace below.

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