So, is there a right side and a wrong side when it comes to Duranguito, or should we just be serving hot cups o' shut-the-hell-up all around?

Careful. That cup is hot. So's the video we made about this desmadre.

Is it about conniving city officials and greedy land owners pushing through what will end up being a money pit, all while oblivious to history?

Or is it about tree-hugging, hippy-dippy obstructionists suddenly eager to save a place on the skids for 40 years and oblivious to progress?

The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle; which is good because that's where most of us are ticklish.

Dee Margo getting his Miley Cyrus on? Old West gunslinger John Wesley Hardin showing off The Mansion? Lots and lots of wooden planks? It's all there, and plenty more besides.

"Duranguito" sounds a LOT like the name of a certain still-on-fire Justin Bieber song. So much so that we couldn't leave it alone, kind of like Duranguito supporters who wish the city would.

You know us – we like to instigate, kind of like City Hall wishes Duranguito supporters wouldn't so they could stop spending tax money on court costs.

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