Happy Doughnut Day, everyone! No one was more excited about this glorious day than our very own Duke Keith. So excited, in fact, he was already taking about how I promised to bring him donuts hours before I arrived. Easy, buddy. It wasn’t until someone dared him to a delicious donut challenge that we became alarmed for his health.

I present to you Duke’s “donut sandwich.” A delicious stuffed donut squished together with a traditional glazed donut.

Duke eventually topped out at 6 donuts. Mostly because after the donut sandwich, Lisa and I made a swift intervention by passing out the remaining few donuts to anyone nearby. You’re welcome, Duke’s cholesterol.  If you’re wondering, yes, he did walk around with that bit of glaze on the bottom right part of his lip for about 20 minutes. Saving it for later, I suppose.

It doesn’t take much to make Duke happy, but National Donut Day just might take the cake donut.

Donut drunk