El Paso has lots of places to see live bands and they're all pretty cool in one way or another. 

For big shows, The Coliseum and the Haskins Center have it covered. There are several options for smaller shows though, here's my top 3:

1) Tricky Falls. First opened in 1914, it was originally a theater offering peeps live plays and movies. Bits and pieces of it's theatrical past can still be seen which gives it a very cool "feel". National and local bands, of all genres, play there.

2) The Rockhouse. It's not the building itself, it's the new direction they're taking. It's always been a cool bar but, now the owners are bringing in live music. National bands but, with a special emphasis on local acts and artisans. Artists and bands alike now have a place to do their thing with a crowd boost courtesy of the bigger, traveling bands. (Great food too!)

3) Lowbrow Palace. Very cool place, local and national bands alike perform there and, it has a very cool, "cave-like" arrangement. You're below street level and it feels like the place is actually embracing you. The most interesting layout in town.

If you haven't been to any of these, go soon!  There is a lot to look forward to like:

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