Thanks to the never ending, and always expanding, road construction projects; being on Mesa between 3 or so and 7-ish sucks. There are better things to do along Mesa than just sitting there flipping off your fellow traffic hostages. Starting around UTEP and heading north, here are my top 10 places to chill and wait out the storm:

  • Chicago's Street Food. Great Chicago style food and atmosphere.
  • The Rib Hut. Great bbq, cold beer and TV's in case there's a game on.
  • Mesa Street Grill. If you're stuck in traffic with that special somebody, THIS is the place for you.
  • Ode. Food and craft beer they brew themselves. Go try something new
  • The Kings X. An El Paso institution and, with Lucy's located conveniently inside, you can grab some crazy good Mexican food too.
  • Unruli's. Ruli makes awesome food and offers wood-fired pizzas. Plus, he has a huge selection of wines and beer made in Texas and New Mexico.
  • KLAQ. Just kidding, we don't serve drinks or food. We won't even let people use the restroom. If you have tacos and Coors Light though, I'll let you in. (If there's a white jeep in the front lot though. keep driving.)
  • The Angry Owl. Great food, plenty of parking, a full bar and they are right in the thick of the daily gridlock. The perfect place to just give up and chill for a minute.
  • Alamo Draft House. Dinner, drinks and a movie. Win!!
  • Finally, Taco Cabana. Food, beer, margaritas and, occasionally, live mariachis.

After that, you're pretty much clear to get back on 10 or start cutting through side roads. (Which, thanks to that, is also where N. Mesa starts getting back to normal.)

Now, a drink or two ... especially with a meal ... is probably ok but, don't have too many! If you find yourself going a little overboard, please do one of the following things:

  • Detox. Switch to soft drinks, maybe eat a little more, and watch the rest of whatever's on the house tv.
  • Have a designated driver. This is actually a great way to carpool, have fun and be safe. A perfect plan!
  • Use public transportation or, if your insurance and/or wallet allow for it, call a tow truck.
  • Call for a free taxi ride home. They're available 24/7 in El Paso by calling (915) 212 - 7777.

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