Ever find yourself with a little time to kill?  Like, literally, 1-3 minutes?

Even the shortest waits get to me. Waiting while the ramen water boils, bathroom breaks, red lights, etc... Not particularly time-consuming activities but, they take long enough to bore me.  Music is a great distraction but, cutting off good songs early sucks.

Soooo, here are a few songs to keep you rocking while the bartender pours your beer or you wait to see who wins the coin toss:

Pretty much anything by The Ramones.  The undisputed kings of 1:00 - 2:30 songs!

The Offspring. Barring any timeouts, they'll get you through the games 2:00 warning.

Blur can too ... with a couple of seconds to spare!

Finally, I wasn't kidding about waiting on the coin toss results...

Yep, this is a complete Napalm Death song.  They get ALL the lyrics in, ("You Suffer, But Why"), in 1 second.

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