The two Cruces girls who recently vanished started a conversation around here about self-defense.

Before they were found and rumors were flying around that they maybe they had met an unfortunate end, the idea of self-defense courses for women were brought up. Good idea but, who's got time for that? If you're too busy, (or lazy), for workouts ... try these handy tips:

  • Security guards. Expensive, cumbersome and a sure date wrecker but, there's no effort required on your part.
  • Dogs. Any breed weighing over 50 pounds should do. Again, no effort on your part!
  • Guns. Big ones. (Minimal effort.)

OK, obviously, this is a tongue-in-cheek look at safety (which we can only make because everyone turned up safe) but, the last one is a serious consideration. Well, the dog and the security guard are too but, you have to train them, feed them and get them to stay away when you want private time. (Same with the dog.)

Handguns aren't for everyone but, they come in all shapes and sizes; with varying amounts of weight, kick and ... most importantly ... stopping power. Both Texas and New Mexico offer carry permits (aka LTC's) and they recognize each other's permits. (An important fact being that El Paso straddles the TX/NM line.)

There are several places in El Paso to learn more about handguns, safety measures and permits. The best, in my opinion, is Tactical Ranch where they teach not only LTC courses and basic shooting but, also more advanced self-defense techniques and strategies.

You don't have to take it from me -- the guys at the National Shooting Sports Foundation know about as much as anyone when it comes to guns. Protect yourself and make sure you are educated in how to handle a firearm.