4/20 is Wednesday so, let's start the countdown with a little trivia about our friend "pot". Or "grass". Or, "weed". Or, well, keep reading...

Marijuana has been known by many different names throughout history and some of them are hysterical. So much so, it makes it seem as though whoever came up with the term must have been high AF.

Technically speaking, marijuana is officially known as "cannabis. Any secondary wording has to do with what type or strain the marijuana is. For example, cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. A zillion slang terms have been applied to pot like, well, "pot" along with "mota", "weed", "grass", "hemp", "ganja", "weed" and many, many more

Some of the names applied to marijuana can make you giggle as much as the drug itself. Take "giggle smoke" for example. Personally, I love this one ... it really sums everything up beautifully. Not to mention simply. Simplicity, mind you, being something that most who indulge, myself included, really appreciate. It has also been known as "wacky tobacky" and "13". That one, I guess, stems ... pun very much intended ... from "M" being the 13th letter of the alphabet. I'm really not sire about that one but it makes sense. Sorta.

"Nixon" was once a term for cheap or "bad" pot during Richard Nixon's' term as POTUS. A jab, I guess, at him and his questionable activities while in office. We're all familiar with "Mary Jane" but that one was originally Mary WARNER. Now you know.

For more weird pot terminology, click here. For some cool, musical weed references, check out my 420 special this Wednesday, 4/20/22, on our classic rock side channel, KLAQ HD2, Q2. It will be (almost) an hour of pot and stoner related rock beginning on 4/20 at 4:20pm.

If you don't have a high def radio, you can listen here.

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