A number of killer guitars are up for grabs right now at KLAQ.com!

The KLAQ Million Koins For Kids Radiothon, a Rock Memorabilia Raffle and Auction, is going on today at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center.  It's a one-day event but, the auction of autographed guitars continues through Sunday night, (2/3/19) at 11:59pm.  Check them all out here.

My top 3?

As for my numero uno, I'm going with the APC tagged "Paul"!

Why?  First, it's a badass guitar. Second, autographers include the ever so reclusive Maynard James Keenan.  Getting this guy to cooperate with things like autographs,  photos, etc isn't always easy.  That alone ups both the cool factor and the dollar value.

It could be yours...  Good luck!!