The best Beatles tribute band ever comes to the pass!

Liverpool Legends perform tomorrow night in the Abraham Chavez Theater!  Probably the best Beatles tribute ever, (they've been nominated for a grammy!!) the group was formed by George Harrisons' sister Louise.  ("Loo" to her friends ... find out why in interview segment 3!!)

Louise was cool enough to yak with me earlier about the show, her Beatle brother and how the Liverpool Legends came to be!!  (For computer reasons, I had to break it into 3 segments!)

She is such a nice lady!  I had to edit the interview for time but we talked quite awhile and she is awesome!  (Not to mention my closest brush with my favorite band so far!! I haven't met a Beatle yet but at least I'm now acquainted with genuine Beatle DNA!)

Catch the show tomorrow night, tickets still available at ticketmaster but there aren't many left!!  Saturday night, the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular is also in the Chavez Theater, buying a combo ticket for both will save you money!!

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