The Texas Showdown this past weekend at the El Paso County Coliseum was a blast. Bands like The Offspring, Pop Evil and Limp Bizkit joined with local locos Andromeda Theory and Bash.

Nationally known tattoo artists came out as well as local artists from places like Golden Goose, Pumping Ink, Blue Panda, House Of Pain and more. Always being one for keeping things local, I decided to go with an El Chuco artist. Since House Of Pain is owned and operated by the man who developed and runs the Texas Showdown, George Galindo, that's where I went.

I wanted something small to hold me over until I come up with my next big idea and I love wolves so I got two paw prints. One for each of my daughters, with their first initial in it. I explained that to artist Tonii Florrez and he nailed it, check out the pics.