Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley will be the best man at your wedding for $6,000.00.  Or, he'll give the bride away. Whichever...

You also get to take pics with his guitar but, only between 10/26-10/28. For details, click here. I, however, can make you a MUCH better deal since I don't have the overhead that Ace does. (Upkeep on the "Love It Loud" wedding chapel's gotta be costly.)

I have no chapel but, I've got a really cool, rock n roll barn which saves you big!  Plus, being an ordained minister, I can do those jobs AND perform the service. More savings!!  (I also have long hair, guitars and makeup. I could be Ace too, just sayin'...)


  • Best Man/Bride Giver Away-er
  • Minister
  • The service
  • Faux Ace attire  ($10 extra)
  • Use of the legendary "Grand 'Ole Chuco" RnR barn
  • Pictures with MY guitars
  • Free Bonus:  Photos with my Harley, my dogs and Debby the bearded dragon

All that, for the infinitely more reasonable amount of $95.05.  (KLAQ Freeloaders save an additional $10!!)  Or, maybe just beer.  Either way, thousands less than the "Ace" price and hundreds less than the "No Ace" price!

To book your wedding, funeral, bar mitzvah and/or bike blessing; email

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