A Texas deputy has been fired after he was arrested for drunkenly beating a 12-year-old girl for petting a puppy. A Williamson County Deputy, Jack Danford, had been drinking all day on March 3rd when he went to meet his daughter and her boyfriend at Oakwood Bar BQ for some beers. While having some drinks, he saw a dog at the restaurant and bent down to pet and play with the dog. It was then that a 12-year-old girl came up and tried to play with the dog as well. Danford then jumped out of his seat and tackled the young girl, and started punching her in the face. The man's daughter Megan and her boyfriend both tried kicking, hitting and pulling at Danford to get him off the girl to no avail.

The owner of the dog and the girl's stepfather, Russell Cope, heard her screams and ran  to the patio to help her, along with restaurant workers. Cope said he saw Danford on top of the girl "hammer fisting her......UFC style." Cope had to kick Danford in the head with his steel toed boot to finally knock him unconscious and subdue him. Police responded to the disturbance call and Danford smelled of alcohol and claimed to be drugged and resisted arrest. After the incident, he was suspended but after more details were released it was modified to Indefinite Suspension then fired. He was also charged with a third degree felony, injury to a child.

John Roman

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