Most of us have experienced the high of being on laughing gas, or whatever other stuff they put in us to numb the pain, but not many can say that they have managed to time travel while in the chair, like this dazed fellow.

When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, all four at one time, it wasn't what I expected. I thought I was going to be acting like a fool, when in reality, all I kept asking for was frozen yogurt. This guy couldn't handle his dentist drugs and completely forgets his age.

This 15-year-old boy firmly believes he is 13-years-old. His mother attempts to set him but the boy is in utter disbelief. After he tries to comprehend the two years he has missed, he is not worried about how long he has been in that chair. I am just glad his mother caught it all on camera.

Tons of other videos can be found on the internet showcasing just how hilarious it is to be on high right after the dentist, so this one is a great one to add to the collection. My favorite would still have to be the girl who just can't control her hormones and tells her dentist just how hot he is, along with what she wants to do to Ryan Gosling. I have a feeling dentists have a secret formula for truth serum.

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