A dramatic, new video from Saturday shows the moment a truck flipped over and hero good samaritans saved a baby and toddler from the car.

A new video has gone viral after it shows a dramatic rescue of a father, his baby and toddler in floodwaters in Texas. Just ten miles north of Canton, Texas Phillip Ocheltree was driving down the road when his truck hydroplaned off of the highway. This caused the truck to flip, trapping the father and his two children in the truck. His infant Marshal and toddler Addyson were both stuck in the truck, while the waters around the vehicle were rising. The father wasn't able to open the doors, but thankfully, a good smarten driving by stopped to help the family.

One of the people was Tom Mitchell, who said he was too weak to be of any help to the group, so he started filming the rescue. In the video, you can see several men working together to try and free the family from the truck. One man is finally able to get inside of the truck and grabs the baby out of the backseat. Rescuers then race to get the baby to another truck and that's when the videotape stops recording to begin CPR on the child.

'I need some f**king help!' he screamed as he waded to shore with the infant in his arms.

According to WFAA, the father and his two children are on the mend. Check out the video above and watch the incredible rescue.

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