These two men not only use San Jacinto Plaza to sightsee but to practice their Parkour moves. Right in the heart of downtown is where these guys can try all kinds of high and low stunts.

NHP Video tagged along with these two Parkour daredevils while they stunted their stuff around downtown. Parkour takes discipline training which developed from military obstacle course training. You will recognize a few areas these men decided to show off their skills. Obviously, this is the kind of sport you need to be fit for and be on top of your game. I give props to the people who partake in this kind of sport simply because of the kind of injury you can end up with. These guys take risks every day just to land that perfect stunt. The city of El Paso is a free gym to those who enjoy practicing their Parkour here.

If you're into Parkour, Downtown looks like a good spot to practice those insane moves!

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