This was a great idea and a beautiful gesture. In THEORY. You may have heard us playing the audio from this funeral ceremony in which live doves are released. And then, tragically killed by a passing truck.

There's nothing inherently wrong with a cemetery being right next to a busy highway. There's also nothing wrong (as far as I'm concerned. You may get a different opinion from PETA.) in releasing live doves at a funeral. The two elements together, though...maybe not the best idea.

Trigger warning: the following video contains images of a beautiful, snow-white dove being turned to pulp on the windshield of a speeding truck/trailer combo. It's not as bloody as the time a goose hit Fabio in the face while he was riding a roller coaster or as explosive as the time Randy Johnson vaporized a bird with a 105 mph fastball but bird lovers will probably want to give this video a pass.

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