Elvira Savino, of centre-right party Forza Italia, wants parents arrested if they make kids 16 and under go vegan.

According to Savino, vegan diets for children aged 16 and under "lack essential elements for healthy growth". According to telegraph.co.uk, she feels:

minors need to be protected from "radicalised" parents who want to impose on their children a restrictive diet that lack "essential elements needed for an healthy physical and cognitive development."

Her proposed legislation would mean parents could:

  • Face up to one year in prison for making junior go vegan.
  • Face up to 2.5 years if the diet gets junior "getting permanently sick or hurt."
  • Face up to six years if junior dies due to the diet.
  • Face at least two years in jail for forcing their vegan ways on kids 3 or younger.

In El Paso, vegan diets are cool I guess just, don't deny kids their tex-mex!

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