Homeless veterans in Las Cruces may soon have their own "tiny homes" community. 

The Las Cruces City Council has taken the first, tentative steps toward creating a small eco-village for veterans. Across the nation, mini - homes are catching on and Las Cruces would like to see a village of the small homes established for their homeless veterans.

According to the Las Cruces Sun News, the village could include up to 200 tiny homes, (each approximately 186 square feet), all in compliance with U. S. Housing and Urban Development regulations and costing $23 - $33K each.

Shannon Reynolds, an eco-village committee member, added that:

in addition to housing, the community could also create micro-enterprises, such as machine shops, carpentry, organic farming, or construction of additional tiny homes, which could provide employment for previously homeless veterans.

There are 3 possible locations for the village. Sounds like a GREAT idea to me!