A Texas Jail show captured a mom and daughter bonding on camera in jail. Normally you hear about a parent getting their adult child out of jail. In this case, the tables were turned and a mother got her and daughter locked up in jail. A few years ago a mom made a mistake and shoplifted without her daughter knowing.  Because her daughter is guilty by association she was also placed under arrest because of her mother's actions. When the officer handling their arrest was booking them the daughter was explaining the story. Jail: Big Texas was able to capture a beautiful moment between a mother and a daughter. The most heartwarming part was seeing the daughter's reaction and wasn't even a tad bothered. If that were me and my mother ruined my clean record I wouldn't be okay until later down the line.

The daughter was totally chill about her mom getting her locked up at the El Paso County Jail. One thing for sure is they definitely have quite a hilarious story to tell, look back at and laugh. Imagine if you experienced the same situation with your parental? Or worse imagine if your own kid got booked into jail because of your silliness. I give major props to the daughter for not giving her mom hell about landing her in jail. If that happened to me I would remember the times my mom helped me out of trouble and call it even. But this is a sight Jail: Big Texas caught that you don't usually see happen at the El Paso County Jail.

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