The governor of California suggested that we need to bring back public shaming to help deal with people who are flouting the suggestions from the CDC and other authorities for dealing with the coronavirus. Perhaps public opprobrium might work where public education has failed. In that spirit, we remind everyone not to be a Covidiot.

A Covidiot is someone who parties on the beach for spring break and then passes Covid-19 onto their 80 year old grandma, possibly along with some nasty lip herpes when they kiss nana.

A Covidiot is the guy who flunked science in high school but feels the need to share the “real truth” about a disease he just heard about on Facebook.

Here are a couple of Covidiots: a man a woman who bought out the ENTIRE paper goods aisle at a Dollar Tree store in Florida.

Here’s one Foxworthy-style: If you’re willing to create a huge scene in public because the cashier at Kroger’s wouldn’t let you buy 23 cases (552 CANS!) of Mt. Dew…you might be a Covidiot.

Wow! There is a lot going on here. For starters…did they CO-ORDINATE their matching grey sweatpants and white T-shirt ensembles? Also, doesn’t Mt. Dew make a DIET Mt. Dew? Because I don’t see anything but the whole 170 calories-per-can version in their cart. Also, whoever took this video did NOT turn their phone horizontally. That doesn’t make them a Covidiot, though. Just a regular Vidiot.

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