We love nostalgia. Regardless if it's a tv show or a store; we love seeing things from the past. One Arizona mall looks like it never really left the 80s, much to the enjoyment of people: the Tucson Mall in Tuscon, Arizona.

Where is the location for the Tucson Mall & how big is it?

Located on 4500 N Oracle Rd it is the biggest mall in the city of Tucson, Arizona.  Since its opening in 1982, the mall contains about 200 stores & is 1.3 million square feet (Just a little bigger than the Cielo Vista Mall that sits at 1.2 million square ft). The mall was introduced to a wide audience thanks to its inclusion in the 1987 movie "Can't Buy Me Love".

What's the inside of the Tucson Mall look like?

The YouTube Channel, Retail Archeology, did a very nice detailed look inside the mall. They showed some of the original archelogy of the mall itself as well as the arcade that's still active inside the mall. And the shop, Gamers Warehouse, that actually sells old school games & consoles (something you don't see a lot of malls do nowadays).

Also if being in the mall feels like you're the 80s, you'll feel it especially at night.

There are other malls in Arizona including Park Place or the Foothills Mall, but the Tucson Mall is arguably the one that people know & certainly have fond memories of.

If you want to read more mall related stories, you can read all about the one of the biggest malls in the world that's found in Texas here.

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