The Noid, Domino’s Pizza villain from the 1980s, is back. He’s one of the final bosses in the new Crash Bandicoot: On the Run game. But, have you ever heard the true story about why the Noid was discontinued in first place?

It has to do with a man whose last name was “Noid” and his middle name should have been “Para” since he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. It all started back in the magical year of 1989…

Now, Dominos will deny that this incident had ANYTHING to do with discontinuing the character but…come on!

In 1989 a mentally unstable man by the name of Kenneth Lamar Noid (seriously his REAL name) was convinced that the Noid character was created specifically to torment him. In the commercials, the Noid is always trying to ruin pizzas. Customers were encouraged to “avoid the Noid” by ordering Dominos.

Well, Kenneth Noid had had just about enough of this perceived persecution when he entered a Dominos restaurant in Georgia wielding a .357 Magnum and taking hostages!

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Don’t worry, though. No one died in the ensuing police stand-off (I told you this story is bonkers).

Mr. Noid told the hostages that the evil Dominos corporation was trying to destroy him. He forced them to call Dominos headquarters and relay his demands: One Hundred Thousand dollars and a white limousine as a getaway car.

Noid (the guy, not the character) was eventually foiled by, of all things and “of course”…pizza. While negotiating with police Kenneth Noid got hungry and ordered the hostage employees to make him pizza. It must have been REALLY good pizza because while he was eating it he sat his gun aside…and all of his hostages escaped before he could stop them.

Noid was charged with kidnapping, extortion and armed assault. He was found not guilty by…all together now…reason of insanity. I wish I could tell you this story had a happy ending for the unfortunate Kenneth Noid. It doesn’t, though. After spending time in and out of mental institutions, Mr. Noid committed suicide in 1995.

I guess that’s ONE way to “Avoid the Noid”.


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