People are still talking with excitement about Metallica returning to El Paso! I feel like we're going to experience one hell of a traffic jam trying to attend that show.

Just this past Monday we announced the news about Metallica returning and everyone is beyond stoked! That is currently the popular topic among the people who plan on attending that show. Last year when Guns N' Roses came to the Sun Bowl it was crazy jam packed and leaving the show was difficult. The last time Metallica was here was forever ago and Metsdc 4 caught some songs from that time! Which band do you think has more fans in El Paso between Guns N' Roses and Metallica? The day after tomorrow you definitely want to buy your tickets for their show next year. If Metallica were to play at the Sun Bowl, do you think they would have more of an attendance than Guns N' Roses? The Sun Bowl fits 51,500 people while Don Haskins only fits 12,222 which is a big difference.

Well I guess we all can say Metallica will be blessing our 2019 when they make their stop here!

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