Supporting local businesses is always a good idea. Here is how doing just that, could save you time, money, and exposure to germs and diseases.

The Better Busines Bureau recently launched a campaign to encourage more people to shop locally, online.  Online orders delivered to you by mail and curbside pickup are a couple of ways local businesses can make your shopping experience that much more convenient, quick, and safe. It's also a great way to support local businesses whose physical locations may be temporarily closed due to city, county, and/or state heath mandates.  (If you have a local business that fits that category, there may be financial help available to you. To learn more about that, click here.)

Many restaurants offer curbside pickup as well as delivery. In the event your favorite restaurant doesn't deliver, there are secondary services like Grubhub or Doordash that will gladly bring you your order. Many other local businesses offer curbside service and delivery of their goods while almost all of them offer shipping. That's especially handy for El Pasoans who have moved away but still want to want to support local merchants and/or enjoy a "taste of home".

They are out there and they need our help ... please SHOP LOCAL!! Finding out if your chosen local business offers these services is just a click or phone call away. Christmas is right around the corner too so, find out who has what you want online and help keep a local business or artist going.

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