Farmers Branch, Texas ... northwest of the Dallas metro area ... will soon be home to a park design that no other city, or even state, can lay claim to.

Over 18,000 square feet of fun awaits kids, old and young alike I would imagine, in this new, cutting edge park that fuses classic park attractions with one, modern element.

According to the parks Facebook page, the Joya at Oran Good Park is set to officially open on January 20th. You'll find more details at the Joya website.

The park is loaded with all the fun stuff you would expect to find in a city park like this, including a zip line, and it also has many interactive attractions. So, what's the big deal?

It glows in the dark.

The vision for Joya was brought about through surveying the community and talking to a lot of kids, the true fun experts. With the goal of bringing a signature play space to Farmers Branch, the City's Parks & Recreation staff, along with City leadership, developed this one-of-a-kind concept. Working with playground and engineering professionals, Kompan and TNP, Joya has become the first outdoor glow-in-the-dark playground in the United States. -

Photo, FBTV/YouTube
Photo, FBTV/YouTube

The park also has lit seating, lit paths, a sound system shade areas where peeps can get out of the sun for a minute. I hope El Paso copies them, this sounds like it's going to be way cool.

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