We fondly remember news anchor Rick Cabrera from KVIA and Chuck DeBroder from KTSM. Now if you could only bring back one, who would you choose? We go way back with both local celebrities after watching them for so many years. Rick Cabrera was co-captain to Estela Casas on news channel 7. He ended up filling in for Gary Warner after Gary started his retirement. Then you remember Chuck DeBroder the well-known Meteorologist from news channel 9. He was the man we occasionally bumped into at Cinci (West) sometimes. And if you were lucky, you got to take a shot with him. When he left news channel 9, it seems like El Paso had a meltdown. In my opinion, I believe Rick was popular with the ladies and Chuck with the younger crowd. Which one of these two local celebrities would you like to see back on television? Pick the anchor you wish to see come back to television below!

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