A website recently went on a search to find out what states are the sluttiest in America, and Texas came out a lot higher than I would have expected. Plus, what state do YOU think topped the list?

The website Mandatory went on a search to figure out what was the sluttiest state in the country. Using numbers from the Centers for Disease Control on STI prevalence in each state, they were able to rank the states. Mandatory added up chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis infections per every 100,000 residents. Basically what that means is the higher the number, the more likely you are to get an STI from a random hookup.

So where did Texas and New Mexico come out on this list? Texas came in #13 on the list, while New Mexico was higher at #10.  Here is the first 25 on the list with every state's ranking:

1. Mississipi
2. Alaska
3. Alabama
4. Louisiana
5. South Carolina
6. Arkansas
7. Georgia
8. North Carolina
9. Illinois
10. New Mexico
11. Tennesee
12. New York
13. Texas
14. Michigan
15. Ohio
16. Missouri
17. Indiana
18. Delaware
19. South Dakota
20. Oklahoma
21. Arizona
22. Maryland
23. Pennsylvania
24. California
25. Hawaii

I'm pretty shocked to see that the top states on the list are all from the South, which I didn't really expect. I expected a state with a larger population to be higher on the list. If you want to see the entire list, as well as a map with each state's ranking on it, check out the Mandatory website.