As promised on the show, here is Heywood Banks performing "Toast". Using only a toaster as accompaniment. YEAH, TOAST!!

Before we answer the question in the headline, I want to say up front that this post contains the song "Toast" by Heywood Banks which we have played dozens of versions of over the years. We get requests for it all the time so I've included it. But first we have to find out if you're normal. You're welcome.

This is according to the results of a recent survey at Buzzzfeed:

Most People Like Their Toast Medium 

84% like it moderately toasted. 9% prefer lightly toasted. Only 7% like it blackened. Or, as Heywood himself puts it, "I'm black toast intolerant".

Most People Prefer White to Wheat

71% say white bread is better for toasting. I'd like to see a blind taste test because I'll bet most people can't really tell the difference.

Most People Throw Toast Away if it's Burnt. 

41% toss it. 38% scrape off the burnt parts. 21% go ahead and eat it anyway.

If you want to get the rest of the results, you'll have to take the test.

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