As a follow up to the various women's marches that were held back in January, some of the same organizers have called for tomorrow, 3/8/17, to be Day Without a Woman.

Organizers are saying that any women anywhere can join in the demonstration by:

  • not going into work for the day
  • not shopping with the exception of small businesses owned by women or minorities (i.e.: anything other than white males who are, of course, the main source of all that is wrong with the world.)
  • Wear red. is already taken by the cancer people?

Here's what's actually going to happen.

Most places where we live won't see any difference. Because we live in the real world, where people have to work for a living. Most real people either can't afford to take the day off, would worry about being fired or have the common decency not to do a no-call no-show on their employers.

Some well-off, financially comfortable women will take the day off and let everybody know about it on Facebook.  Women who don't enjoy the same level of privilege will go to work.

I predict somewhere there will be a rich lady whose wealthy husband bought her a trendy boutique to give her something to do will skip work, feel great about it and never comprehend the irony.

I predict some other rich lady will go to march in solidarity with her sister-womyn ... after she left her kids with the nanny or au pair. The irony will be totally lost on this lady as well.

I predict some poor cleaning woman or waitress will get fired because they made the mistake of believing this event was for them.

I predict that I will handle Day Without a Woman the same way I handle all the women in my life: by nodding, occasionally saying, "uh-huh" and "that must be so hard for you."

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