As we're getting more and more signs that things are going back to normal, people are looking to shed those quarantine pounds off. Which means it's the return of post-gym selfies and those posts of people's running route. But it could also mean some free beer, courtesy of Michelob Ultra.

The low-carb beer has launched a program called "Ultra Beer Run" and if you share a post exercise selfie, a screenshot from a fitness app or some kind of workout summary, you could score a few bucks for beer money.

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The catch? You have to register through their MyCooler app, as in create an account, then upload your pic or screenshot to it. That's enough to get you a digital gift card for $5, which is enough to land you some more Michelob Ultra, at least that's what the company hopes you will spend the $5 on!

Here's the downer part though, this offer is not available in Texas! Which sucks, I know, but our friends in New Mexico could totally enter. However, as with most online campaigns, I'm sure that it won't be long before this type of offer comes from any of the Anheuser Busch family to Texas. This offer lasts all summer long, and it includes other social media giveaways, so really, if you're in Texas there's nothing stopping you from joining in.

Michelob Ultra has been hailed as the fitness lover's beer, probably because it's low carb, and probably because it's endorsed by Chris Pratt.

Beer and exercise, who knew that one day it would all come together?


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