Stand-up comedian Jake Vale took the movie Frozen to a whole different level ... and its pretty funny. 

Jake Vale, who is mostly known for his pranks, or as he likes to call them 'Pooter' pranks, where he walks around public making flatulence sounds and recordings peoples reactions. He also does his 'Paranoid' sketches where he pretends to talk on his phone and describes them to his imaginary conversation partners in front of people, of course. (Okay, that actually sounds pretty funny!)

Vale was also doing pranks at the 53rd Grammys and at the Reality Television Show convention.

Now, he has gotten the lovely movie "Frozen" and inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's 'This Week in Unnecessary Censorship', he decided to bleep and blur out some parts and it is pretty funny. I'll post the original song and you will notice that the song is the same. Its all a matter of imagination.